Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bread Pitt?
Bread Pitt?

this slice of bread had a face so I just couldn't eat it, lol.

OMI Sun Bears Sunscreen

OMI Sun Bears

I can't sleep so I think I could write a bit about this since I took a picture of it weeks ago intending to do so. This is a sunscreen I bought last summer at an Ebay shop selling japanese goods. I used it a few times back then, forgot about it, and rediscovered it last month. :D 

This works as a sunscreen and as a primer, somehow. It evens out my skintone a bit (it is not pigmented, it comes white just as any other sunscreen), lessens the appearence of pores and controls oils (and it's doing a great job at all these). This is the blue one which comes with a cooling effect - feels and smells like it's containing menthol or something similar, I think it is because it stings like when it's near the eyes. It also comes in a red version without that effect which I would prefer - why the heck did I bought the cooling one? I don't know.
So this is a great product if you need a non-greasy sunscreen with some extra benefits. It has a very liquid texture so it's quite easy to apply. It's cheap, too. I think I bought it for about 4€?

So the problem with this is, as I don't live in Japan I really don't know if they're actually still producing this. There's currently only one seller on Ebay who offers this. Google says that Sasa used to sell this, but it's out of stock now there too. On Sasa there's a product from the same brand that's called SALANOVEIL which looks different but seems to be absolutely the same from the description and reviews, so maybe it got replaced by that methinks - but I never tried it so I don't know. But I think I will buy that when I run out of this. ;A;

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Babor Cleansing Stuff Arrived

Babor Products

From left to right: Phytoactive Combination, Rose Toning Lotion, Hy-Oil
I did a more detailed review on the Hy-Oil here at makeupalley (I'm mochibunny ^^)

Probably the first skincare products that I repurchased! Okay, I repurchased Vichy Skinset a few years ago... But however, these are great! I remember the first time when I used this half a year ago, I said "okay, you will never use anything else again..." *ㅈ*

The only con is that it's quite pricey compared to drugstore products. But then also, you can't really compare this to drugstore products (Babor is a german brand mainly used by cosmeticians in beauty salons. I ordered the products at their online shop at And to me this lasts really long - the last set of these took me a half year.

I'm also currently using the night and day cream for combination skin from Babor, which are okay but don't give me that Wow-effect like the cleansing products do. Idk, they were in a trial set that I bought - a set that actually costs just the same as one full size pot of one of their creams.  ㅡㅈㅡ''

I don't find the day cream really mattifying although it claims to be so. It's not bad... it's one of the rare things that I can put on without breaking out. I just was expecting more? This is very long lasting too, I've been using the trial size pot daily for three months now, and there's still like 80% left - the day cream that is, because the night cream I don't use that often. Not sure yet if I will repurchase them though,  guess I'll try to find something less expensive instead.

My skin improvements since using Babor products for a half year: smaller pores, less stubborn breakouts (although I quitted birth control pill), less oily skin (although it's summer now)

Would I recommend? Yes.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Daily Outfit

Went out to watch Toy Story 3 with love. But we missed the movie, haha~ ;A;
Anywaaay, here the outfit!

Edward Scissorhands Shirt

Edward Scissorhands Shirt: bought this at Ebay, no brand tag - totally in love with this!
Jeans Leggings: bought at some asian online shop a few years ago, don't remember which one though.
Sunglasses: 3D-glasses from CineStar, haha :D
Shoes: Mustang


Somehow I've been really enjoying wearing heels lately. :x