Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Babor Cleansing Stuff Arrived

Babor Products

From left to right: Phytoactive Combination, Rose Toning Lotion, Hy-Oil
I did a more detailed review on the Hy-Oil here at makeupalley (I'm mochibunny ^^)

Probably the first skincare products that I repurchased! Okay, I repurchased Vichy Skinset a few years ago... But however, these are great! I remember the first time when I used this half a year ago, I said "okay, you will never use anything else again..." *ㅈ*

The only con is that it's quite pricey compared to drugstore products. But then also, you can't really compare this to drugstore products (Babor is a german brand mainly used by cosmeticians in beauty salons. I ordered the products at their online shop at And to me this lasts really long - the last set of these took me a half year.

I'm also currently using the night and day cream for combination skin from Babor, which are okay but don't give me that Wow-effect like the cleansing products do. Idk, they were in a trial set that I bought - a set that actually costs just the same as one full size pot of one of their creams.  ㅡㅈㅡ''

I don't find the day cream really mattifying although it claims to be so. It's not bad... it's one of the rare things that I can put on without breaking out. I just was expecting more? This is very long lasting too, I've been using the trial size pot daily for three months now, and there's still like 80% left - the day cream that is, because the night cream I don't use that often. Not sure yet if I will repurchase them though,  guess I'll try to find something less expensive instead.

My skin improvements since using Babor products for a half year: smaller pores, less stubborn breakouts (although I quitted birth control pill), less oily skin (although it's summer now)

Would I recommend? Yes.

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