Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hime Cut~

Hime Cut
hello, duck face.

This is how my hair looks like now. I cut it myself so it's not perfect. ;D
But this long strand doesn't belong in the's actually a bit messy in the picture but you'll have to deal with that for now. ㅇㅈㅇ I think I chopped off too much. But I like it though. 
I was so bored of my hair  before. ;/

Friday, 29 October 2010

Veuillez excuser mon mauvais français, s'il vous plaît.

Last saturday we went out to take a stroll in the city.
We had dinner at a french restaurant - it was delicious! Damn expensive, but delicious!
Pictures before leaving home...

Grey VestGrey Vest

Shoes: Minnetonka - I love them so much.
Tights: H&M
Skirt: 3Suisses
Grey jersey dress: H&M
Vest: 3Suisses
Turtleneck sweater in taupe: 3Suisses
Scarf: I think I bought this at the christmas market in my hometown.

I don't wear that much from 3Suisses actually, lol. This is pretty much everything I have from them (maybe a few other simple sweaters as well...). Also, ignore the messy unfinished room. ㅡㅈㅡ''

Grey Vest

Had a bad hair day + bad makeup day too, meh! Felt like that at least. But I bought a hair straightener that day - now hair, you shall do my will. ㅇㅈㅇ

Friday, 8 October 2010

Verveine Tea

 Drinking a lot verveine tea these days while celebrating my french roots.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Korres Materia Herba Moisturising Cream for Oily/Combination Skin

Korres Materia Herba

I needed a new moisturiser because the Babor Day Cream I had became too heavy for my skin - it's a good product but it just won't absorb, doesn't have a matte finish and therefore would leave my face oily. I really don't have suuuch an oily face, only in summer when it's damn hot, so it really was the cream. Whenever I wouldn't wash my face before going to bed, I had matte skin the next morning until I would use the cream after the breakfast again. ㅡㅈㅡ''
It's weird since this Babor cream is for combination skin and stated as 'mattifying'.
However~ now I was searching for a cream that would give me a lot moisture but won't make me shiny. I was lurking around some upmarket brands but decided to look after something more on the natural side and nonsilicony. I thought of Kiehl's Rare Earth Lotion but I heard that it's not good at moisturising.
Then I stumbled upon Korres Materia Herba and read stuff like:

In vivo clinical studies showed that a single application of the final product:
increases skin hydration by 65% after 2 hours (immediate moisturising effect)
the moisturising effect was maintained after 8 hours

According to in vitro efficacy tests, the synergistic combination of Betaine, Citrus Honey and Pectin enhances the normal function of AQP3 (proteins that act as a channel and provide a pathway for water through the cell membrane) so that it hydrates and regulates the osmotic balance more effectively and faster (especially in conditions of hyper-osmosis such as low humiditiy in air conditioned areas, significant shift in temperature, very high or very low temperature, UV radiance)...

I never tried something of this brand before and I couldn't find a review about the product I wanted, so I wasn't sure if I should buy it or not. But I was brave yesterday so I just placed an order at Douglas! D: It's quite expensive there, I heard it's good to buy Korres at greek Online Shops (it's a greek brand actually) where it's about 10+- € cheaper, if you live in Europe that is. However, I bought it at Douglas for 33,50€ because I needed it quick and it arrived today, yippie.

Korres Materia Herba

I like the packaging - it reminds me of the brand's homeopathic/ pharmacy background. The tube is of good quality; lid closes well, a bit hard to open but you'll get used to it, nothing's oozing out which is a big plus because I often had tubes in that style that were too generous.

The moisturiser itself comes white, quite liquid in it's texture. The smell is herbal, nothing really pleasing to me but not disturbing as it fades after 5+- minutes. It absorbs amazingly fast, so it's a bit tricky to apply - I guess I applied too much because I wasn't sure whether I already had it there or there or there...?, you can't see it once it's absorbed! ㅡㅈㅡ''
The result is a perfectly moisturised face whithout any oilyness - just what I wanted. It doesn't have a "matte, powdery finish" as known from silicone products, but I can live with that. It just leaves my skin looking bare and healthy.

I will see within the next weeks if my skin will accept this product but so far I'm loving it. I think if my skin wouldn't like it, it already would have shown because my skin's reacting quite fast... To me this product seems super soft, it's like just putting pure moisture on your skin.

It doesn't contain SPF which I like since I already have a bunch of other products that I can use if I need some. SPF is a necessary evil but I don't need it in my moisturiser since I'm often indoors and while that I want to spare my skin from SPF.

UPDATE, March 2011:
Couldn't use this in the deepest winter (January - February) because my skin got really dry due to the harsh weather + dry indoor air (heater). But started using this again now as the weather got milder and it's still awesome-o!

99,80% natural and ECOCERT approved
no harsh chemicals, no parabens
absorbs completely & fast
moisturises well
maybe a bit pricey for some?
• not moisturising enough for me while german winters

Monday, 4 October 2010

It's been such a long time without blogging... what have I been doing the last month actually? 
I can't remember anymore. :D

Autumn Berries

It's my favourite time of the year, it's getting colder again and everything is becoming more colorful. I like it cold. And colorful. xD
Ah yes, I'm in a silly mood. Whatever. I watched the last episode of Samurai Champloo (I'm a bit late, you know) yesterday & I can't believe that's all for now. I want more! D; Okay, I guess the story is done but.. I love the characters so much, I want more episodes so badly. ;A;

So~ Let's talk about the girly stuff. I've been using these Malizia BonBons perfumes a lot recently. These are from Italy and for children, actually. Should I feel bad for loving cheap children perfume? Somehow I do. Not as glamourous as a bottle of "Miss Dior Chérie" or "Chloé", but to me it smells nicer at least. I'm beyond help I guess.

Malizia BonBons

Well, I think I like Milk Shake more, it's a soft scent of sugary-sweet milk. I definitely identify it as milk. They're both on the sweet side, but Cotton Flower is a rather clean scent, it reminds me strongly of baby powder. I only like them on cold days, maybe because of the sweetness. There are more children scents from this brand - the next one that I'd like to try is "Sweet Vanilla", there was a online shop that mentioned that it smells like Vanillekipferl (in the US known as vanilla sand tarts? Idk) which sounds pleasing. My grandma used to make Vanillekipferl, they're nomnom!