Monday, 4 October 2010

It's been such a long time without blogging... what have I been doing the last month actually? 
I can't remember anymore. :D

Autumn Berries

It's my favourite time of the year, it's getting colder again and everything is becoming more colorful. I like it cold. And colorful. xD
Ah yes, I'm in a silly mood. Whatever. I watched the last episode of Samurai Champloo (I'm a bit late, you know) yesterday & I can't believe that's all for now. I want more! D; Okay, I guess the story is done but.. I love the characters so much, I want more episodes so badly. ;A;

So~ Let's talk about the girly stuff. I've been using these Malizia BonBons perfumes a lot recently. These are from Italy and for children, actually. Should I feel bad for loving cheap children perfume? Somehow I do. Not as glamourous as a bottle of "Miss Dior Chérie" or "Chloé", but to me it smells nicer at least. I'm beyond help I guess.

Malizia BonBons

Well, I think I like Milk Shake more, it's a soft scent of sugary-sweet milk. I definitely identify it as milk. They're both on the sweet side, but Cotton Flower is a rather clean scent, it reminds me strongly of baby powder. I only like them on cold days, maybe because of the sweetness. There are more children scents from this brand - the next one that I'd like to try is "Sweet Vanilla", there was a online shop that mentioned that it smells like Vanillekipferl (in the US known as vanilla sand tarts? Idk) which sounds pleasing. My grandma used to make Vanillekipferl, they're nomnom!

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