Friday, 29 October 2010

Veuillez excuser mon mauvais français, s'il vous plaît.

Last saturday we went out to take a stroll in the city.
We had dinner at a french restaurant - it was delicious! Damn expensive, but delicious!
Pictures before leaving home...

Grey VestGrey Vest

Shoes: Minnetonka - I love them so much.
Tights: H&M
Skirt: 3Suisses
Grey jersey dress: H&M
Vest: 3Suisses
Turtleneck sweater in taupe: 3Suisses
Scarf: I think I bought this at the christmas market in my hometown.

I don't wear that much from 3Suisses actually, lol. This is pretty much everything I have from them (maybe a few other simple sweaters as well...). Also, ignore the messy unfinished room. ㅡㅈㅡ''

Grey Vest

Had a bad hair day + bad makeup day too, meh! Felt like that at least. But I bought a hair straightener that day - now hair, you shall do my will. ㅇㅈㅇ

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