Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Circle Lens Review: Dueba Black Walkure

dueba walkure black

I ordered these at and was quite impressed with that shop. The lenses arrived five days after placing my order although they came from Seoul and shipping was free too! That's faster than most orders from german online shops -- which is a bit sad, haha.

Uh, there's really not much to say about these... also there already are quite a few reviews in the net... All I can say is that they're super comfy. No difference to ordinary prescription lenses, which I usually wear because of my mole eyes. :D
Actually these are my first real circle lenses from Asia & with enlargement.

dueba black walkure
Circle lens on the left. Bathroom light.

I love how they blend into my eye color without a pattern & stuff -- just really natural. But, of course, they're huuuge! Felt like a bug when I first put them on. ㅇㅈㅇ
I think they're not that obvious as one would think "omg she's wearing contacts" by seeing you, but still having like an 'odd?' feeling with, wondering what it is about that's different (especially here where most people have no idea about circle lenses)... uhm, if that makes sense.
(english is not my native language you see...)
Uh, but maybe it's just because you get used to them,... because when I took them out I felt like my eyes where sooo small, although I always thought of me as having quite big eyes.
But my boyfriend said they're not too obvious looking too. :3

Overall, I love these. They really give this korean doll-eyed look. But I'm still wondering if the brown version would look more natural on me. I ordered the black ones because my pupils already have a bold black circle naturally. (not really much to see of at the picture above because of the lightning though...)

dueba walkure black
Full face picture wearing them. :x


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Wow-- you manage to easily pull off these lenses. O: They look chic~~.

(On a lot of folks, black lenses look over-large/)

chuu said...

aw, thanks (: