Wednesday, 12 January 2011

So I guess it's 2011 now, huh...

I'm not much of an optimistic person but I'm really putting a lot hope into this new year, thehe :O Maybe it's also just about this change: starting to hope again. Daring to look forward to something, without being afraid of it to fail. Yuuup.

Holidays were quite relaxed too. Cooked & baked a lot and even managed to take pictures of some of the stuff before munching it. Rare thing to happen :D

missouri mud pie
Missouri Mud Pie made with this recipe (in german).

banana pancake rolls
Banana pancake rolls with maple syrup.

I've always been fascinated of the winter... but to be honest I really can't wait it to be over this time. I can't wait to see spring flowers everywhere...


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