Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nivea Cheap & Basic Skincare + Random Babble

Due to some pricey investments, my budget is quite narrow at the moment. No fancy stuff for me right now! I usually don't spend a lot money on clothes because there's really no place for new stuff in my wardrobe, I would have to buy a new closet first or get rid of some old pieces which would mean some hard decisions... so I mainly buy beauty products — it's awkward IMO. It's not like I am buying A LOT of that stuff (I only buy something if I really finished a product or need a new one because my skin doesn't like the current one), it's just that the products often happen to be on the expensive side, so I still kind of have a bad conscience about my purchases, just because of the price tag — doesn't mean I enjoy them less though ;D

Uh, so recently I was in need of a new face moisturiser, because the Korres one I had turned out being to light for my dry & rough winter skin. The Korres one was for combination skin and great but since my skin was dry I needed something for dry skin, of course. I was a bit afraid of buying a richer moisturiser because I was scared that it could make my face shiny & oily. Buuut, looking oily is better than getting wrinkly from having dry skin, right? So as mentioned before, I didn't have a lot money to spend so I bought — tadaaa — the cheapest of the cheapest: NIVEA SOFT CREAM. Well, I didn't just buy it because it's cheap, I just remembered that Nivea was the only drugstore brand I have been able to use in the past... and I was in need of a body lotion too so I thought I could give this a try — since it comes in a big jar and says "for face and body". I really wasn't expecting much, but this turned out to be really good! I guess the ingredients are considered as super evil, Parafinum Liquidum & Dimethicone and whoknowswhatelse! But really, it's just great.

Nivea Stuff

I have acne-prone skin, I even had really bad acne last December because I tried to quit birth control pills (stopped using them July) — bad idea, I continued taking them in January and my skin is getting better again... but what I wanted to say: I have acne-prone skin and to my surprise mineral oil products always turned out to be great for me. And I still don't believe mineral oil is comedogenic although I hear this all the time, I'd rather believe in skin variety and that it COULD be comedogenic for some people - but basically, I don't think it is in general.

I always have been concerned about ingredients & I tried to avoid mineral oil products for some time, but products with plant based oils always turned out to be worse compared to mineral oil products. Maybe I'm just weird but I often experience them to clog my pores, although the oh-so-evil mineral oil is said to do so. (but then also I don't believe that much in a single ingredient, I believe in synergy effects) I have been using Nivea Soft Cream for one and a half month now, and when I touch my face and especially my cheeks, my skin is super soft although I DON'T use peelings or scrubs. Before, no matter if it was a light or a rich moisturiser, I always had to peel 2 - 3 times a week, or my face would get rough. When I touched my face I could feel that my pores are clogged (do you know this feeling?), now when I touch it it's completely even, it's bare skin without yuckiness stuck in there. (Btw, this Aqua Sensation Face Wash in the pic is great too)

I just wish I would have started earlier using this cream. Or started earlier giving a poo about "natural and politically correct" ingredients. Maybe my skin would be better now, duh. But although this moisturiser is great it somehow bores me, haha. I want something extraordinary, something with fancy ingredients — stupid me. :D I'm thinking about ordering some japanese skincare thingies when I'm able to again, mostly had good experiences with them too. But still this Nivea Soft Moisturiser will be one of my staple products.
I have no idea how this will work in a hot and humid summer though. ㅇㅈㅇ

very basic, so I guess very compatible?
very moisturising
cheap as poo
good smelling
doesn't look/ make you oily
doesn't clog pores
quite plain, no extra benefits, which could also be a good thing I guess. I just wish they could make more versions of this, like, an anti-aging one, a whitening one, a glittering one, etc! :x

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