Saturday, 30 April 2011

you are a rare bird;

mermaid tears

Went on a big shopping tour yesterday to cheer myself up a little. Totally works if you manage to ignore the bills. Mainly bought very basic clothes... like plain, long and airy shirts in black & white. Always feel quite minimalist in summer. This heat is killing any urge to put effort in looks (while summer this place seems to forget that it's actually located in Germany, and it also doesn't care about the common assumption that Germany has to be a cold place). So it's always nice then to have some clothes that you can just grab & put on without doing something wrong, just basic stuff that can appear casual or chic depending on the accessories you combine them with.
Aaand, also bought the stuff from the pictures above: a pretty girly notebook, a watch necklace and flat mermaid princess shoes (well they look mermaid-y to me at least)