Saturday, 28 May 2011

dark boom honey;

Bought a new compact powder because my old one broke (it wasn't even half-empty, what a waste) so I couldn't carry it with me anymore without having the powder smudging my bag...
Had a coupon (which I had and never used for uhm, three years...) for Douglas so I could buy the chanel powder for just half the price. :D
I've been using the compact powder from La Roche Posay for a long time now and I was pretty satisfied with it, but this Chanel one is just plain perfect. Really, I wish I did buy this earlier instead of being so cheapskate. All this years I could have felt so damn confident with having nearly porcelain skin just by using this silly powder, what a waste of lifetime *exaggerate*

Chanel Compact Powder

 I also like how this comes with a velvet sleeve so it'll stay pretty.

Chanel Compact Powder
Left: La Roche Posay Unifiance (02 Beige Opale)
Right: Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte (30 Naturel)

The La Roche Posay one looks quite violated although I just kept it in my bag. But something that I like about it more is that it has a separate tray for the powder puff, underneath the powder tier... it's more convenient compared to the Chanel one where the puff just sits upon the powder so you have to keep a plastic sheet between them all the time, how annoying...

La Roche Posay is just half the price of this but it's also just half as good, if even. It's a lot better than the drugstore products I've tried in Germany but still, I wouldn't want to live without the Chanel one anymore. D:

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