Wednesday, 28 September 2011

You're an incarnation of a shattered dream--

Scarf: Pimkie; Shirt: 3Suisses; Knit Dress: Ebay
Corduroy Skirt: Pimkie; Tights: H&M; Shoes: Loft
Spent a lazy Monday walking around in the city. Ate the worst piece of Quiche ever at Galeries Lafayette and regret having paid 4,50€ for it. 

PIECE OF QUICHE! shall be the new cuss.

Looked for Chanel Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir everywhere (seriously) but couldn't find it. Wtf. Now I think I will order it online without knowing how it actually looks like in person.

I am disgusted with my hair. I might just give up bothering with it, leave it alone and let it do it's will - forming one big fat dreadlock. 

This place is really nice when it's not weekend and not full of tourists. They had flowers there that smelled like fresh Calamansi, thehe.

At Galeries Lafayette I bought rhubarb jam, strawberry jam and hello kitty biscuits.
Hello Kitty Biscuits
Uh, and I had my first iced coffee ever at Dunkin' Donuts which was one fascinating  blend of 'eww' and 'kind of good', I think I am addicted now. It had this weird taste of old coffee breath but I liked the chocolate syrup and the ice cubes... 
I think they should just sell it without the coffee...

AND, I saw a bubble tea shop at the Alexanderplatz Station. So although it's late the trend has finally arrived this country? I remember looking for bubble tea in this city about four years ago and there was nothing. Now there's one just in the center of it. Haha. I wonder if it's good... I tried one at Friedrichshain/ Kreuzberg last month and it was pretty bad... Well, I'll try it next time.

Berliner Dom
This thing on the spike looks like a hamburger.
Maybe it was a hamburger shop long time ago.

I really like how abandoned some places in Mitte are during the week. I will avoid going out at weekends from now on! The only bad thing is that school classes seem to have their excursions on that days and some of those teenagers are pretty disrespectful and take pictures of people without permission, as if the fact that we're walking in public allows them to shoot us like zoo animals or something. Why can't people just be  civilized, don't they think this behavior is creepy? Meh.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Why I'm always late;

toy watch

Got this nonfunctional fancy toy watch at the flea market for 50cent :D It's from the GDR, I think. Poor east germans - didn't even have real watches over there! Lol, joke.
*my boyfriend is from GDR so I'm allowed to make jokes like that .__.

toy watch

Fuckyeaharmhair, it's just my heritage from the caucasian side of the family. (I wish I was as arm hair-free as my mother...) & the scar is from an arm fracture that I had at age seven. I'm in autumn mood currently as you can see from the yellow-ish pics. :E

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Etsy Picks For September

I usually don't share my etsy favs because most items that I heart are oneofakinds or of limited quantity and I don't want others to buy them instead of me. I'm so selfish, lol. But since I don't have any money left to buy them now anyway I thought I might as well share them... so consider yourself lucky while viewing this :D

Brown Lace Collar
Lace Collar by callmemimi
White Christmas Ornaments
White Ornaments by dgordon
Ankle Socks
Dotted Socks by vintagebazaarhk
Rabbit Brooch
Rabbit Brooch by sophiehillartist
Doily Hearts
Buttons by ChalenesButtonBox
Leather Case
Leather Case by tovicorrie
Pumpkin Earrings
Earrings by ChelseaGirlDesigns
Acorn Hair Pins
Hair Pins by MeadowWren
Hair Fork
Hair Fork by theancientmuse
Lace Dress
Lace Dress by Thaiclothes
Rabbit Ring
Rabbit Ring by chinookhugs
Capelet by pasin
Owl Ring
Owl Ring by soradesigns
Necklace by StudioRegency
Raccoon Bag
Raccoon Bag by LaLisette

Monday, 19 September 2011


Just got a new domain address, wohoo~ This will not longer be, but ^^ Make sure to refresh your bookmarks :> Will also work on the layout these days to adjust everything to the new name, so this will be a bit messy now for a while...

»Why "the sleepy dormouse"?
Just a couple things accumulated that made me think this name would fit me:

# when I think of dormice, I think of acorns and hazelnuts and moss and woodlands, things that fit the mori girl-theme that I get attracted by a little more everyday.

# the dormouse was always my favourite character in Alice (and as a little child, I was scared of the cheshire cat...)

# my boyfriend and I call each other "Siebenschläfer", which is german for dormouse and literally translates to "sevensleeper" (I like the german word for it because it contains my favourite number, seven / sieben)

# when I was 14 or 15, the little brother (he was about 9 years old) of my mothers boyfriend found four dormice babies while wandering around. He brought them to us and I scolded him for taking them away from their mother, but the damage was done, they were here now so I had to take care for them. I loved them but they really weren't meant to live with humans - they were cute & all but they did a lot damage... it wasn't easy with them. The boy who found them, he said he heard something squeaking and when he followed the sound he found them, and he didn't know what kind of animal it was, he thought they were babies of some kind of pet that someone abandoned (they already had fur and open eyes), so he just took them. (well I don't know if I can blame him since when I saw them I also didn't really know what kind of animal this would be... I did never see such guys before... but nonetheless I wouldn't just have taken them with me) I think they should provide better education about what kind of animals live in the woods (not only via disney movies)...

# My nature is a bit like a dormouses... I sleep a lot :D but when I'm awake I'm 'bubbly'?, and maybe too vigorous to some... but most of the time I'm sleepy.

# This blog is kind of sleepy, too. Lol. I don't blog as often as others do, I guess.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

I have been really unproductive these days because I have this monthly massacre going on, so everything that involves any kind of movement hurts.... I also got an eye infection, thank you lord. Maybe it's karma because I'm warming my head with some dead raccoons butt (or for being a miser and using cooking oil instead of buying an eye make up remover)... but my boyfriend cares for me pretty well. He's cooking, making all kinds of milk tea for me... Yesterday he made tomato fried egg and it was better than when I did it! ORZ

In the evening we munch junk food and watch Roswell. Yes, Roswell. It's really fun to rewatch things that you enjoyed watching about ten years ago, and then realise that you haven't changed that much at all because you still giggle like an immature teenager at the same scenes :D

So the only thing I did except of watching series and feeling like Quasimodo was fixing this vintage fur hat that I got from Ebay for about 10€ two years ago. And then camwhoring with it like crazy.

raccoon riding hood
I love my bunny sweater  >ㅈ<

raccoon riding hood
obviously before I got the eye infection.

raccoon riding hood
stereotypic blowfish face

Friday, 9 September 2011

The Good JuJu;

JUJU Aquamoist Vitamin C Line
JUJU Aquamoist Vitamin C Whitening Line
Lotion (Toner) on the left, Cream in the jar & Milk on the top of it.

I've been using these since they arrived from in March and they improved my skin quite a lot. I already did find a few products over the last years that go well with my skin but what always remained bothering me were my >enlarged pores<. This JUJU products helped me A LOT with that issue, my pores aren't invisible now but not as obvious as before & down to a state that I can feel confident about them, which I never expected to happen. I'm not sure if it's because of JUJU as well but my overall skin texture has kind of changed too. It's like... smoother? Like the area where I had my enlarged pores the skin was kind of more "puffy" before, Idk >A<

Uh, and since it's a whitening line I guess the whitening properties will be the most interesting part to review? Well, I think it's doing a really great job at that. I mean, I'm very disobedient when it comes to the "hands out of the face"-rule, I tend to scratch my face when I get bored, & when I scratch too much it leaves a mark... also when I get a zit it always leaves a mark (even if I just let it be) so whitening is important to me! But since I've been using JUJU those marks don't last longer than a few days. Without JUJU they stayed up to a month.

The moisturizing properties are good, too. Above average, but I wonder if it will be enough for a German winter? Have to see then. But during this summer my combination skin was both free of dry patches and oils.

When I wanted to order these I was wondering if I needed the cream OR the milk. The descriptions at Sasa didn't really state the difference between them. So I ordered both. Aaand from my experience, the milk is more for moisturizing and the cream more for whitening. The cream is also very sticky and don't very comfortable to wear (which is why I don't use it daily, I only use it when I need to get rid of some marks) so I use it as a night cream. The milk on its own isn't powerful enough at whitening for my taste, so I think it was a good idea to get both!

After a while, I recognized that I should avoid using these products on my eye area, because it made my eyes really sensitive. I've read somewhere that someone used it as an eye cream as well so I thought it can't do any harm but it irritated my eyes A LOT. It was a slow process though so I found out quite late... duh. Well, my fault. Just don't use anything near the eye area that doesn't state to be allowed there...

Uh, so I definitely can recommend this line! The products are very durable too. Like, after about a half year I would only have to get a new bottle of the lotion/ toner - the cream jar has still 70% left, the milk about 45%.

Still don't know if I will repurchase though, I'm too curious to try out the HADALABO whitening line to compare... =D

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

bee sting cake for breakfast


I've been eating on this cake for the last two days... my boyfriend won't help me because he doesn't like the cream but I don't mind. Still have 2 pieces left bwaha! :E We redecorated/ rearranged our room today and I'm amazed about how different it looks now. So much better. It's not finished yet (have to save some money for more furniture, thehe...) so I didn't take any pics but I took some of my recent purchases and my current nail color favourites. I ONLY wanted to buy a few pairs of overknee socks at but then I saw these...

disney couture bracelet

disney couture bracelet

This bracelet from Disney Couture was on sale so I had to grab it. 
It says "have faith in your dreams", aww~  nㅈn

lace belt

My, this was a bit too pricey I think... 
never understood why such tiny bits of fabric like belts cost comparatively that much... 
But I had to take it because I've been looking for something like that quite a while. Gnah.

nail lacquer favs

Aaand this are my current favourites, colorwise: 
040 Petit Four As Dessert (simple nude color)
230 Clay-ton My Hero (slightly metallic taupe)
460 In The Bronx (brass/ bronze color)
All from Catrice. I like this brand because they're pretty up-to-date with their colors, have funny names & they're super cheap. I don't like spending more than 3-4€ for a nail polish... IT JUST HURTS OKAY. I'm fancying this golden Butter London nail polish though - but 18€ for it, whaaat! Well maybe I'll get it for christmas...
It's still a while til then but they already sell Gingerbread & other christmas stuff at the supermarket so I'm already in the mood for it somehow... I wonder if I can make it to the christmas market in Heidelberg this year, hm. That would be my 1st wish for christmas.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Berlin Blues


being stuck in this city
I miss the forest where I used to walk until dark,
looking for the right branches to build my house with.
I still haven't found them.