Wednesday, 7 September 2011

bee sting cake for breakfast


I've been eating on this cake for the last two days... my boyfriend won't help me because he doesn't like the cream but I don't mind. Still have 2 pieces left bwaha! :E We redecorated/ rearranged our room today and I'm amazed about how different it looks now. So much better. It's not finished yet (have to save some money for more furniture, thehe...) so I didn't take any pics but I took some of my recent purchases and my current nail color favourites. I ONLY wanted to buy a few pairs of overknee socks at but then I saw these...

disney couture bracelet

disney couture bracelet

This bracelet from Disney Couture was on sale so I had to grab it. 
It says "have faith in your dreams", aww~  nㅈn

lace belt

My, this was a bit too pricey I think... 
never understood why such tiny bits of fabric like belts cost comparatively that much... 
But I had to take it because I've been looking for something like that quite a while. Gnah.

nail lacquer favs

Aaand this are my current favourites, colorwise: 
040 Petit Four As Dessert (simple nude color)
230 Clay-ton My Hero (slightly metallic taupe)
460 In The Bronx (brass/ bronze color)
All from Catrice. I like this brand because they're pretty up-to-date with their colors, have funny names & they're super cheap. I don't like spending more than 3-4€ for a nail polish... IT JUST HURTS OKAY. I'm fancying this golden Butter London nail polish though - but 18€ for it, whaaat! Well maybe I'll get it for christmas...
It's still a while til then but they already sell Gingerbread & other christmas stuff at the supermarket so I'm already in the mood for it somehow... I wonder if I can make it to the christmas market in Heidelberg this year, hm. That would be my 1st wish for christmas.

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Jenny said...

I like the pink bracelet :)