Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Etsy Picks For September

I usually don't share my etsy favs because most items that I heart are oneofakinds or of limited quantity and I don't want others to buy them instead of me. I'm so selfish, lol. But since I don't have any money left to buy them now anyway I thought I might as well share them... so consider yourself lucky while viewing this :D

Brown Lace Collar
Lace Collar by callmemimi
White Christmas Ornaments
White Ornaments by dgordon
Ankle Socks
Dotted Socks by vintagebazaarhk
Rabbit Brooch
Rabbit Brooch by sophiehillartist
Doily Hearts
Buttons by ChalenesButtonBox
Leather Case
Leather Case by tovicorrie
Pumpkin Earrings
Earrings by ChelseaGirlDesigns
Acorn Hair Pins
Hair Pins by MeadowWren
Hair Fork
Hair Fork by theancientmuse
Lace Dress
Lace Dress by Thaiclothes
Rabbit Ring
Rabbit Ring by chinookhugs
Capelet by pasin
Owl Ring
Owl Ring by soradesigns
Necklace by StudioRegency
Raccoon Bag
Raccoon Bag by LaLisette


Natália said...

Love the hairpins and the lace collar! Your blog is adorable. :)

chuu said...

Thank you ^^
Hope I can get such a lace collar soon :3