Friday, 9 September 2011

The Good JuJu;

JUJU Aquamoist Vitamin C Line
JUJU Aquamoist Vitamin C Whitening Line
Lotion (Toner) on the left, Cream in the jar & Milk on the top of it.

I've been using these since they arrived from in March and they improved my skin quite a lot. I already did find a few products over the last years that go well with my skin but what always remained bothering me were my >enlarged pores<. This JUJU products helped me A LOT with that issue, my pores aren't invisible now but not as obvious as before & down to a state that I can feel confident about them, which I never expected to happen. I'm not sure if it's because of JUJU as well but my overall skin texture has kind of changed too. It's like... smoother? Like the area where I had my enlarged pores the skin was kind of more "puffy" before, Idk >A<

Uh, and since it's a whitening line I guess the whitening properties will be the most interesting part to review? Well, I think it's doing a really great job at that. I mean, I'm very disobedient when it comes to the "hands out of the face"-rule, I tend to scratch my face when I get bored, & when I scratch too much it leaves a mark... also when I get a zit it always leaves a mark (even if I just let it be) so whitening is important to me! But since I've been using JUJU those marks don't last longer than a few days. Without JUJU they stayed up to a month.

The moisturizing properties are good, too. Above average, but I wonder if it will be enough for a German winter? Have to see then. But during this summer my combination skin was both free of dry patches and oils.

When I wanted to order these I was wondering if I needed the cream OR the milk. The descriptions at Sasa didn't really state the difference between them. So I ordered both. Aaand from my experience, the milk is more for moisturizing and the cream more for whitening. The cream is also very sticky and don't very comfortable to wear (which is why I don't use it daily, I only use it when I need to get rid of some marks) so I use it as a night cream. The milk on its own isn't powerful enough at whitening for my taste, so I think it was a good idea to get both!

After a while, I recognized that I should avoid using these products on my eye area, because it made my eyes really sensitive. I've read somewhere that someone used it as an eye cream as well so I thought it can't do any harm but it irritated my eyes A LOT. It was a slow process though so I found out quite late... duh. Well, my fault. Just don't use anything near the eye area that doesn't state to be allowed there...

Uh, so I definitely can recommend this line! The products are very durable too. Like, after about a half year I would only have to get a new bottle of the lotion/ toner - the cream jar has still 70% left, the milk about 45%.

Still don't know if I will repurchase though, I'm too curious to try out the HADALABO whitening line to compare... =D


ZeZe said...

Whats that?? =)

chuu said...

girl stuff ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi! Does the milk feel sticky on the skin after application?

chuu said...

No, I don't find it sticky <: