Monday, 19 September 2011


Just got a new domain address, wohoo~ This will not longer be, but ^^ Make sure to refresh your bookmarks :> Will also work on the layout these days to adjust everything to the new name, so this will be a bit messy now for a while...

»Why "the sleepy dormouse"?
Just a couple things accumulated that made me think this name would fit me:

# when I think of dormice, I think of acorns and hazelnuts and moss and woodlands, things that fit the mori girl-theme that I get attracted by a little more everyday.

# the dormouse was always my favourite character in Alice (and as a little child, I was scared of the cheshire cat...)

# my boyfriend and I call each other "Siebenschläfer", which is german for dormouse and literally translates to "sevensleeper" (I like the german word for it because it contains my favourite number, seven / sieben)

# when I was 14 or 15, the little brother (he was about 9 years old) of my mothers boyfriend found four dormice babies while wandering around. He brought them to us and I scolded him for taking them away from their mother, but the damage was done, they were here now so I had to take care for them. I loved them but they really weren't meant to live with humans - they were cute & all but they did a lot damage... it wasn't easy with them. The boy who found them, he said he heard something squeaking and when he followed the sound he found them, and he didn't know what kind of animal it was, he thought they were babies of some kind of pet that someone abandoned (they already had fur and open eyes), so he just took them. (well I don't know if I can blame him since when I saw them I also didn't really know what kind of animal this would be... I did never see such guys before... but nonetheless I wouldn't just have taken them with me) I think they should provide better education about what kind of animals live in the woods (not only via disney movies)...

# My nature is a bit like a dormouses... I sleep a lot :D but when I'm awake I'm 'bubbly'?, and maybe too vigorous to some... but most of the time I'm sleepy.

# This blog is kind of sleepy, too. Lol. I don't blog as often as others do, I guess.


Annie said...

interesting choice of name for a domain. care to explain in a post sometime? i would be interested x).

chuu said...

I updated this post :)
Don't know if it makes any sense though :D
Most of the time I don't really analyse my choices, I just do what I think is right for me and see where it will bring me. (: