Wednesday, 28 September 2011

You're an incarnation of a shattered dream--

Scarf: Pimkie; Shirt: 3Suisses; Knit Dress: Ebay
Corduroy Skirt: Pimkie; Tights: H&M; Shoes: Loft
Spent a lazy Monday walking around in the city. Ate the worst piece of Quiche ever at Galeries Lafayette and regret having paid 4,50€ for it. 

PIECE OF QUICHE! shall be the new cuss.

Looked for Chanel Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir everywhere (seriously) but couldn't find it. Wtf. Now I think I will order it online without knowing how it actually looks like in person.

I am disgusted with my hair. I might just give up bothering with it, leave it alone and let it do it's will - forming one big fat dreadlock. 

This place is really nice when it's not weekend and not full of tourists. They had flowers there that smelled like fresh Calamansi, thehe.

At Galeries Lafayette I bought rhubarb jam, strawberry jam and hello kitty biscuits.
Hello Kitty Biscuits
Uh, and I had my first iced coffee ever at Dunkin' Donuts which was one fascinating  blend of 'eww' and 'kind of good', I think I am addicted now. It had this weird taste of old coffee breath but I liked the chocolate syrup and the ice cubes... 
I think they should just sell it without the coffee...

AND, I saw a bubble tea shop at the Alexanderplatz Station. So although it's late the trend has finally arrived this country? I remember looking for bubble tea in this city about four years ago and there was nothing. Now there's one just in the center of it. Haha. I wonder if it's good... I tried one at Friedrichshain/ Kreuzberg last month and it was pretty bad... Well, I'll try it next time.

Berliner Dom
This thing on the spike looks like a hamburger.
Maybe it was a hamburger shop long time ago.

I really like how abandoned some places in Mitte are during the week. I will avoid going out at weekends from now on! The only bad thing is that school classes seem to have their excursions on that days and some of those teenagers are pretty disrespectful and take pictures of people without permission, as if the fact that we're walking in public allows them to shoot us like zoo animals or something. Why can't people just be  civilized, don't they think this behavior is creepy? Meh.


Chai said...

I love this coord! <3

And I know what you mean about people suddenly taking photos. Trust me when I say you'll get the hang of it after a while. (Or maybe it's just because I developed a sort of barrier to strangers that I don't really hear or see them anymore, hoho.)

akito said...

Beautiful coord!

I don't see anything wrong with your hair. It looks nice, seriously. I've never had bubble tea and now I'm curious.

Precious picture you have there, the one of the former (future, maybe?)hamburger place. It really looks like a harmburger, that thing.

chuu said...

Thank you ! ❤
I think the main thing that bothers me is when I can't understand why people act irrationally. ☹

Haha, thank you. ❤ My hair is just really annoying to handle. Like, I love wearing it open but it forms dreadlocks and birdnests in my neck & in the end of the day it'll hurt and take forever to detangle it! ⚘ㅈ⚘
I'd love to cut it all off but I look awful with short hair, haha. Tried many times before! I envy people who can pull that off, short hair really feels great - makes your head feel so light and free, such a relief... ach. ⚗ㅈ⚗

Tam said...

Really pretty photos and I love your little accounts of the day. Hahahahaha piece of quiche! :)

Ceci said...

Love your blog so much!
The pictures are beautiful, and oh my a hamburger! :D
Your style is gorgeous o-o