Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

I have been really unproductive these days because I have this monthly massacre going on, so everything that involves any kind of movement hurts.... I also got an eye infection, thank you lord. Maybe it's karma because I'm warming my head with some dead raccoons butt (or for being a miser and using cooking oil instead of buying an eye make up remover)... but my boyfriend cares for me pretty well. He's cooking, making all kinds of milk tea for me... Yesterday he made tomato fried egg and it was better than when I did it! ORZ

In the evening we munch junk food and watch Roswell. Yes, Roswell. It's really fun to rewatch things that you enjoyed watching about ten years ago, and then realise that you haven't changed that much at all because you still giggle like an immature teenager at the same scenes :D

So the only thing I did except of watching series and feeling like Quasimodo was fixing this vintage fur hat that I got from Ebay for about 10€ two years ago. And then camwhoring with it like crazy.

raccoon riding hood
I love my bunny sweater  >ㅈ<

raccoon riding hood
obviously before I got the eye infection.

raccoon riding hood
stereotypic blowfish face


Katherine Tealeaf said...

Holy moly you're cute! Following you ^_^

chuu said...

thanks, thehe ^^ *blush*

Jenny said...

Hope you're feeling better by now. Your photos are simply adorable! And I LOVE rewatching past TV series! I'll marathon them for days straight!

SJ said...

I agree with the above comment :) very cute! Following ya!

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chuu said...

Oui, feel way better now without my quasimodo-eye :3 Thanks! Following both of you now, hehe~

LOVE JOICE said...

You look cute!

Beata Megan said...

aw you look so cute! love you :*

Beata Megan said...

You look so cute chuuu >3<