Sunday, 25 September 2011

Why I'm always late;

toy watch

Got this nonfunctional fancy toy watch at the flea market for 50cent :D It's from the GDR, I think. Poor east germans - didn't even have real watches over there! Lol, joke.
*my boyfriend is from GDR so I'm allowed to make jokes like that .__.

toy watch

Fuckyeaharmhair, it's just my heritage from the caucasian side of the family. (I wish I was as arm hair-free as my mother...) & the scar is from an arm fracture that I had at age seven. I'm in autumn mood currently as you can see from the yellow-ish pics. :E

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Natália said...

I'd go late for this cute watch! heee ^_~
You know, armhair sucks big time, and you don't even have that much. I'm like a gorilla -_-