Friday, 14 October 2011

With a stone in her pocket.

Pictures of today & yesterday...

Hello Marie Antoinette
Blue skies, come and visit me again.



Got these owl mittens at TK MAXX... wow, TK MAXX at Ku'damm is really pricey. I won't go there again. I'll stay with their shop on the outskirts of Berlin where you can really make some bargains. D; Goddamn tourist places. Guess I would not have found those 13€ shoes there, huh.


Mademoiselle Ana said...

waaaah your cloves are adorable *-*

WY.CLEF said...

I love the gloves ! Too in love with owls :)

Ceci said...

They look so cute! I really want some. It's becoming darker and colder so new gloves would be lovely.

chuu said...

I actually regret that I bought these because they're already starting to die after only wearing them 4 times! Seems like one can't expect even minimal quality for 10€ anymore! ;ㅈ;
Cute stuff always gets me.