Sunday, 8 April 2012

Review: Helena Rubinstein Magic Concealer + Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara

Helena Rubinstein Magic Concealer + Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara

As I often mentioned, my eye area is sensitive like whoknowswhat. So, after having tried 90% of the drugstore products (which claimed that they're suitable for contact lens wearers) and failing on them, I decided to try something pricier.

Actually, I haven't been using mascara for the last 4 years because I just couldn't stand the ones I've bought. I've read that Helena Rubinstein is kind of the queen brand of mascaras, because they invented them or something (the modern creamy wand form of it, I think), so I thought I'd go for that. I bought the concealer as well because I can't use my BB Cream around my eyes.

There isn't much to write about those two products except that they're both a win. I like how the mascara is like a really deep and rich black, not greyish like the ones I've had before. And although it isn't waterproof, it doesn't smudge at all! (funny thing that the waterproof ones I've had before did smudge) And the concealer, I don't go out without it anymore. It's just such a big difference. I had nights without the tiniest second of sleep and when I mentioned that to my co-workers they just said "oh wow, really, you don't look like it" - thanks to this concealer I think, haha!

So, yeah, big recommendations. Definitely worth the money and a little goes a long way.

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